That Art of Bring Genuine.

We’ve all encountered it. That person that seems to have many faces and you’re not sure which is the real one. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if someone is being genuine or showing you one side of a coin. 
When i meet people, 99% of the time I will take them at face value. I’m very giving of trust and would like to expect the same from others. But this does come at a cost.
I would like to consider myself an open, honest person. There isn’t alot to know about me, but what you do know, is all of it. No secrets, no hidden agenda. My motto, treat people how you would like to be treat yourself.
By putting myself in this position though, I’m pretty much running the risk of probably being really hurt or feeling betrayed, this vulnerable position can prompt some pretty dramatic responses at first, but that’s me, who I am, I have this kinda instant friend policy going on. 
So why is it people choose to with hold themselves?

My opinion is nothing really sinister, people learn and grow in different ways. Maybe people with hold these things to prevent themselves from being vulnerable. Maybe they lack confidence? 
For now I’ll keep trying to be understanding of this, but I’m unwavering in my stance. Be it to my own demise, you meet me, I’ll give you my trust. Just prove me right by proving your trust worthy ok?