Work Life and Drawing the Line…

I find in this modern age of technology and contactibility, our culture has limited our sense of freedom. Work used to be a 9 till 5 experience, once finishing time came, you walked free of ties and were able to create clear distinctions and boundaries between work and home life. Fast forward to 2017, and our insatiable need to be as contactable as possible has created a leash around our necks. Where lines once were drawn, tethers and ties limit our freedom from drawing that line. In my line of work, I can sit at home and be constantly be harassed with endless forms off communication from work.

How can a person truly cleanse themselves of the pressures and stresses of work, when modern day work comes with this unwritten, yet inescapable expectation of maintaining a constantly open line of communication?

A view I can foresee before the publish button is even pressed is “why don’t you just mute the notifications?” and I can see that view has a point. However, regardless of whether we do this or not, the implied pressure of being part of this open line creates a new sense of anxiety and stress. Questions like “what if I miss out on something important?” “What if its serious?” “what if I’m expected to read this?” start to plague the mind. So I ask, What’s worse? leaving the line open, or the worry of closing that line? I’m sure I’ll never know, the lesser of two evils still results in consequence..


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